What you don’t bring with you to Hot Springs can usually be bought locally. You won’t find any malls or outlet stores, but rather a unique array of locally-owned businesses with offerings for residents and visitors alike.

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Visiting the outfitters is a fun experience for people of all ages and interests. You’ll find displays of great equipment, unique gifts and clothing, and you’ll no doubt run into some hikers in the process.

Area Arts, Crafts and Gifts

There are a number of shops where you can find local crafts or gifts for friends. We also have an ice cream shop, a coffee and latte bar, a wine shop and an antique and consignment shop.

Old Time Hardware Stores

We also have something that is close to extinct: a couple of family-owned hardware stores that also stock some gift and clothing items. You may stop by and browse to get a true flavor for the community as people come and go. The shopkeeper will spend whatever time it takes to find what you need, even if it costs only 50 cents.

Convenience & Grocery Stores

Hot Springs has one gas station stocked with sundries. Our local market has a surprising selection of groceries, including locally-grown produce and fresh fruit.

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