Soak and relax in earth’s healing mineral waters

view from hot tub

For centuries the naturally warmed mineral waters of Hot Springs, NC have been cherished and enjoyed. Come experience the healing powers for yourself!

From deep in the earth

When you touch the warm mineral water flowing freely from the earth in Hot Springs, North Carolina, you are experiencing first hand the warmth of the Mother Earth. Amazing! It is the ancient warmth that has lived inside the earth since it formed. Water percolates up through warm rock, collecting an abundance of healing minerals before emerging from the surface.

An ancient tradition

The town’s hot springs were first discovered by Native Americans who believed the springs possessed healing powers. Signs of Native American presence here date back nearly 5,000 years, and their pictographs can be seen on Paint Rock, a 107-foot rock cliff which researchers believe Native Americans used as a stopping point for prayer and contemplation on their way to the springs.

Where to soak

The Hot Springs Resort and Spa and Broadwing Farms both offer access to naturally hot springs waters. The Resort has numerous private tubs available for soaking by the hour. Broadwing Farm’s private hot tubs are available to those who have booked one of their mountain cabins.

Venues with Mineral Springs