Cycling in Hot Springs, NC

A choice destination for road cyclists and off-road biking alike!

Hot Springs, NC is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts – and it’s not just the French Broad River’s rapids and fish that draw them!

The Madison County area and Hot Springs in particular both have excellent paved cycling and off-road mountain biking routes to keep your wheels turning on end!

Road Cycling Routes from Hot Springs


The Meadow Fork Loop

The wonderful mountain roads around Hot Springs NC offer a plethora of options. The Meadow Fork Loop is a great well kept low-traffic road good for group rides. And it can be done in segments for shorter rides too! Check out the Madison County Cycling route description for some wonderful shots of the ride’s views and route information!  Strava Link

Hot Doggett

Hot Doggett is an annual ride around the county that attracts many cyclists in July. You may also enjoy riding parts of this 100-mile loop anytime.

Out of Hot Springs there is a three-mile climb that intersects the Appalachian Trail at the summit, and offers a spectacular view in either direction. After the descent, the course goes through Shelton Laurel (with rest stop #4 at the fire department) and slowly climbs to the base of Devils Fork. Then comes a two-mile climb, with one 1/8-mile section attaining a 15% grade! The fifth rest stop is just below the top, just before you cross into Tennessee and descend to Flag Pond. Check out the Madison County Cycling route description for some wonderful shots of the ride’s views and route information!  Strava Link

Other Road, Off-Road & Mountain Biking Rides from Hot Springs NC


There are a plethora of both paved and gravel roads following the rivers, hollers and curves of the Appalachian landscape around Hot Springs, NC.

Here are some of those wonderful rides – many of them link up and interconnect with each other as well!


River Road Ride

Starting on a paved road right out of Hot Springs, this serene low-traffic route turns to gravel. It links up with the Paint Creek Loop as well.

MTB Project Link

Read more about the Route on the Madison County Outdoors page.

Rich Mountain Lookout & Fire Tower

This gravel road ‘doubletrack’ leads to the Rich Mountain Fire Tower. There are two routes, one from the Hurricane Mountain Trail (1.4mi), and one from just outside Hot Springs just off of Highway 70 up Neal Barnett Road (10mi).

Read more about the Fire Tower Route from town on the Madison County Outdoors page!

Little Paint Creek Road

A gravel ‘doubletrack’ road off of the Hurricane Gap Road.

MTB Project Link


Lower Paint Creek Road

A gravel ‘doubletrack’ road that links up with Hurricane Gap Road after it separates from the Paint Creek Loop trail.


MTB Project Link

Hurricane Gap Road

 Hurricane Gap Road connections Paint Creek Campground with the Rich Mountain Fire Tower. A gravel ‘doubletrack’ road that also gives access to Little Paint Creek Road and Rough Branch Road.


 MTB Project Link

Paint Creek Trail

 A dynamic double and single-track loop accessible from the River Road and parking with great scenic views!

See the MTB Project description for information on the Loop itself and the Madison County Outdoors description for how to get there straight out of Hot Springs!


More awesome cycling and mountain bike riding information will be coming soon!


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