Due to its moderate climate, beautiful scenery, and wonderful mountain traditions and culture, Western North Carolina is a popular relocation destination.

Real Estate and Builders

Whatever brings you to the area there is a wide range of housing and land options in town and nearby. There are several very capable realtors in the area who welcome the chance to assist you in finding the perfect property.  There are also some excellent builders and craftsmen who can renovate a cottage or build a new home of log-style cabin.

A Friendly Mountain Community

For those who prefer a small community, Hot Springs has much to offer. We have all the basics  plus Asheville is just 45 minutes away when you get the urge. Hot Springs proper is a community of 650 people with a municipal government and full water, sewer and other services. South of Hot Springs, on Highway 209, is Spring Creek which is an unincorporated community with much to offer those who prefer a more rural setting. Many Spring Creek residents have 5-10 acres or more. For hundreds of years, Hot Springs has attracted visitors from all over to take in the natural hot mineral water. The Appalachian Trail brings over 2,000 visitors each year from all over the world. Many finish their journey and return to Hot Springs to settle. As a result, the town is welcoming to people from different areas and walks of life.

Featuring Natural Beauty, Crafts and Mountain Music

In large part, people are drawn to the area for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. Hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing are bountiful here. With a  tradition of arts and crafts going back to the early settlers, Hot Springs  is popular among families from the area as well as newcomers who have an appreciation for handmade crafts. One would be remiss not to mention the tradition of music in the mountains which has its heritage in the Irish, Scottish and other settlers to the area. On any given weekend, there are opportunities to enjoy mountain music and traditional country ballads.

Open a Business, Telecommute or Active Retirement

With the advent of the Internet, many people have moved here from elsewhere and telecommute to their jobs or businesses. DSL service is available in town as well as in Spring Creek. Several people have come here and opened local businesses and we also attract active retirees many of whom enjoy outdoor activities, gardening and area crafts.
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